Cadent Itero™ Digital Impression System

Towson Dentist

If we were to tell you that we could take an impression for your crown and bridge treatment and there would be none of the goop, gagging or discomfort as before, would you be interested? If you are, then we have the system that will do just that.

The Cadent iTero™ Digital Impression System allows us to take a highly accurate three dimensional digital impression for your crown or bridge area, completely eliminating the uncomfortable tray and putty impressions of the past. What’s even more important is that this new technology all but guarantees a perfect fit for your new crown or bridge so you spend less time at the dentist’s office.

iTero™ is devised from the Latin word itero meaning “to repeat.” The name reflects the ability of the iTero™ system to exactly replicate the oral anatomy for superior results. iTero™ scans are more comfortable and are completed in less time than the conventional impression method. The scan is completed in just 3-5 minutes.

When indicated, we choose the iTero™ digital scanner because it is more accurate than a conventional impression and, as a result, when it comes time to cement your crown or bridge in place, adjustments are almost non-existent.

If you are one of those people who find the taking of a dental impression objectionable or difficult, then we may have the answer to your difficulties. This new technology makes the impression process a breeze and our patients have often told us they appreciate the care we take to make them comfortable.