Vita Easyshade

Towson, MD Dentist

The Vita Easyshade is a painless, easy and exacting device used to measure the various shades/colors in a tooth in order to achieve the most natural appearance possible in a dental restoration.

Natural teeth have many nuances, including size, shape, color/shade and translucency. In order to fabricate naturally appearing veneers, crowns and bridges, all of these factors must be considered. In terms of shade, Dentists measure three areas of the tooth: the gingival one-third (gumline), the center of the facial surface, and the incisal one-third (biting surface). Drs. Ousborne and Keller thoroughly understand the importance of ‘matching’ restorations to the adjacent natural teeth, and they utilize the Vita Easyshade in order to get the most accurate shade measurements.

The Vita Easyshade uses color science to communicate information about the appearance of teeth using the three dimensions of color: hue, value and chroma (saturation). With standard shade guides, Dentists are limited to choosing between specific shade tabs. With Vita Easyshade, it is now possible to determine intermediate or interpolated shades, allowing for a more precise shade match and ultimately a more naturally appearing restoration.

The Procedure

The Vita Easyshade hand piece is calibrated and the dentist will select the appropriate tooth surface(s) to be measured. The hand piece probe is simply placed against the tooth and/or surrounding teeth in order to capture the true natural shade expected in the restoration. The gathered measurements are displayed on a computer screen and will be sent to the laboratory responsible for fabricating the restoration. When possible, these measurements are sent via email in order to expedite the fabrication process.

Of course the goal of Ousborne and Keller is to assist our patients in maintaining their natural teeth for a lifetime though periodic cleanings, oral cancer screenings and examinations. However, should you ever require a dental restoration; you can feel confident that Drs. Ousborne and Keller are using the latest, state of the art technology available to ensure the most naturally appearing restoration possible.