Dentist Towson

Isolite is a revolutionary dental device that is improving dentistry. Here at Ousborne and Keller, we are embracing this innovative technology as another way in which to provide our clients with the most comfortable dental experience possible.

Isolite is the only dental device that delivers continuous illumination, aspiration and retraction all in one easy to use time saving piece of equipment. It offers a single use, soft, flexible, non-impinging hypo-allergenic mouthpiece that is both latex and silicone free. It is incredibly easy to comfortably insert and remove and is ideal for most every dental procedure.

Shadowless Illumination

By lighting the oral cavity from within the mouth, Isolite offers a shawdowless illumination solution that benefits both the patient and the dentist. Visibility is improved allowing for faster procedure times.

Continuous Aspiration

This multi duty assisting tool provides continuous evacuation of fluids and oral debris and can even be adjusted to aspirate the upper arch, the lower arch or both. Use of this device frees the assistant to be available for other necessary tasks.

Retraction and Protection

Simple insertion of the soft mouthpiece allows for immediate tongue and cheek retraction and protection. The tongue is held completely out of the way of dental instruments and hand pieces. The mouthpiece also helps to completely protect the throat from materials and inadvertent aspiration.

The award winning ergonomic design of Isolite reduces fatigue and repetitive stress associated with retraction, suctioning, eyestrain and motion spent adjusting overhead lights and repositioning the patient for better access and/or visibility. This instrument alone can reduce procedure times by 20-50%. It also has a built-in bite block that allows the patient to relax without muscle spasms during longer procedures.

Patients of Ousborne and Keller express positive experiences when the Isolite is incorporated into their visits. If you would like to experience Isolite for yourself, simply let us know at your next appointment.