Oral Conscious Sedation

Dentist Towson, MD

It is the desire of Drs. Ousborne and Keller to ensure that every patient has a positive, comfortable and anxiety free dental experience. Sedation dentistry offers our anxious patients the opportunity to experience a state of relaxation in a comfortable environment so that they can receive necessary dental treatment. While some individuals do require oral conscious sedation for almost every procedure, many others may only request it when they need more extensive and lengthy dental procedures.

Many Americans avoid the dentist each year because of an unexplainable fear of the dental chair. Unfortunately, all of the incredible advances in dentistry cannot offer any assistance in maintaining overall health, if a patient is just too fearful to go to the dentist. It is estimated that almost one half of the population has some sort of anxiety related to dental offices, dental treatment and/or dentists themselves. It can range from being a little uncomfortable to a fear so paralyzing they will not even enter a dental office. When patients are unable to maintain regular dental appointments, they risk leaving major problems un-assessed and unaddressed which can affect their entire overall health. Oral Conscious Sedation is a safe and effective option available to help those patients who undergo extreme anxiety or fear when they visit the dentist.

How it Works

On the day of your scheduled appointment, you will take medication that was prescribed to your previously. The dosage of medication used is customized to allow each patient to have the best possible dental visit. A responsible companion is required to drive you to and from the appointment. Our experienced and trained clinical staff will make certain that you are comfortable. They will closely monitor your pulse and oxygen levels during the entire appointment. Once the appointment is complete, it is recommended that your designated companion drive you home and stay with you until the effects of the medication have worn off. You may eat whatever you want as soon as the numbness from the anesthetic has worn off so that you won’t bite your cheek. You should drink plenty of fluids as soon as possible to help expedite the medication leaving your system. It is important to remember that even though you may feel alert when you leave the office, it is not unusual for you to sleep for a long period after you return home.

Key Benefits

  • Reduces anxiety
  • Safe, effective
  • Effects of medication are short lived
  • Enables fearful patients to receive necessary care
  • Facilitates extensive and lengthy procedures when time is a concern

Oral Conscious Sedation is a safe and effective option for those patients who undergo anxiety or fear when they visit the dentist. Sedation dentistry is just one more way that Ousborne and Keller chooses to offer their valued patients five star service.

If you have questions or desire more information regarding Oral Conscious Sedation, please contact Ousborne and Keller at (410) 828-1177 or via email at info@ousborneandkeller.com . We will be happy to discuss options available to you and/or schedule an appointment today.