Nightguard / Nti

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A Nightguard is a protective device that covers the teeth and gums to prevent and reduce injury to the teeth, arches, lips and gums. A nightguard is most often used as a treatment for bruxism (grinding) or TMD/TMJ. Depending on its application, the appliance may also be referred to as a mouthguard, occlusal splint, or bite splint .

The most common need for a nightguard is due to bruxism. Bruxism is the habit of grinding or clenching the teeth. Some of the symptoms that are characteristic of bruxism include: sore jaw, frequent headaches, facial pain, muscle fatigue, worn or fractured teeth, earache and insomnia.

Bruxism can develop at any age. The habit of clenching and/or grinding is most often a result of an abnormal bite, crooked or missing teeth, stressful situations and/or sleep disorders. Nightguards are particularly helpful in these situations, as well as in protecting and preserving restorations such as crowns and veneers .

The Procedure

Impressions and a bite registration are taken of the upper and lower teeth. These impressions are sent to a dental laboratory selected by Drs. Ousborne and Keller . The custom-made nightguard is fabricated of a clear resin material molded specifically to your teeth. The appliance slips over either the upper or lower teeth and prevents contact between them. It helps to relieve some of the pressure caused by grinding and clenching, which can damage delicate jaw joints (TMJ ) and/or cause tooth chipping and fracturing. It is usually recommended that the appliance be worn during sleep.

For more serious cases involving abnormal bites, it may be necessary to reduce the ‘high spots” on one or more teeth. In these instances, Drs. Ousborne and Keller may need to reshape or reconstruct the biting surfaces with inlays or crowns .

Key Benefits of Night Guard

  • Inexpensive yet highly effective
  • Helps to prevent symptoms caused by Bruxism
  • Protects investment in more expensive restorations
  • Simple to use


stands for: Nociception (relating to the perception of pain), Trigeminal (the nerve that controls the major muscles of the jaw), Inhibition (block). All together it means it that it blocks the pain signals from the nerves in the jaw.

If you are a headache or migraine sufferer or a nightly tooth grinder, a small custom fit device can be worn when you sleep. The device is fitted to your upper front teeth and provides a flat surface for your lower front teeth to rest on, which helps relax your jaw muscles. NTI appliances are custom made specifically for you by Drs. Ousborne and Keller in a single visit.

Key Benefits of NTI

  • Inexpensive yet highly effective
  • Helps to relieve headaches or migraines caused by TMJ symptoms
  • Protects against tooth grinding
  • Simple to use