Six Month Smiles

Towson Dentist

Six Month Smiles® is a cosmetically focused Orthodontic treatment that is performed in less than nine months utilizing specific brackets and wires. The goal of Six Month Smiles® , sometimes referred to as ‘Short Term Ortho’, is to dramatically improve the appearance of the patient’s smile while also improving the overall fit of the teeth. Six Month Smiles® is not a replacement for traditional comprehensive orthodontics. It is, instead, an orthodontic alternative geared at cosmetically improving the upper and/or lower six front teeth. It is usually ideal for the vast majority of adults who refuse more traditionally comprehensive orthodontics. This provides adult patients of Ousborne and Keller with another innovative option to consider when thinking about improving their smiles.

Short Term Ortho is designed specifically to help patients with crooked or spaced teeth. Crowding and spacing are, in fact, very common patient complaints. Some patients have a combination of both and are ideally suited for Six Month Smiles® .

Six Month Smiles® is yet another state of the art technique which allows Ousborne and Keller to enhance a patient’s overall appearance by improving the symmetry of the smile though tooth movement. With Six Month Smiles® gum lines can be leveled, anterior cross bites can be corrected, minor posterior cross bites can be addressed and spaces can be closed in a much shorter time frame than traditional comprehensive orthodontics allow.

The Procedure

Desired tooth movement is achieved using clear/tooth colored brackets which are applied directly to the tooth surface. Translucent wires are then attached to the brackets. The Six Month Smiles® system utilizes relatively light forces applied over a short period of time. Your progress will be closely monitored at monthly visits. Six Month Smiles® is typically completed in six to nine months and once treatment is complete, Ousborne and Keller offers a complimentary teeth whitening to brighten your new smile.

Key Benefits

  • Length of treatment is far less than traditional orthodontics
  • Cost associated with Six Month Smiles® is less than more comprehensive orthodontic treatment
  • Corrects tipped, crowded and spaced teeth
  • Gingival margins and arches can be leveled
  • Increased symmetry
  • Creates an attractive smile in a reasonable amount of time
  • Improves occlusal relationship